Update on Mill Lane bridge

As you will probably know, the little footbridge over the stream just off Mill Lane has been out of action for a while.  The planned works were unavoidably delayed by lockdown but the Parish Council has been chasing this at regular intervals and we have now received an update from the County Council who have responsibility for the bridge.

The bridge is on the Rights of Way Bridge Programme and as it is on a promoted route it is classed as high priority and is currently number 3 on the list.  The proposal is to remove the current structure, re-grade the banks and install a timber footbridge in it’s place. The necessary consents from other teams have been gained and additional staff have now been allocated to support the Bridges Team so they are now in the process of meeting contractors and obtaining prices for the work.  If the weather is reasonable over the winter it should move forward sooner, if not it will be put back to spring next year.

In the meantime the Parish Council would like to thank you for your patience as we know this is a popular walking route – we hope very much that the works will take place as soon as possible.