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Misterton is situated on the A356, a very busy main through route which is increasingly used by LGVs making their way to wherever, being guided by satellite navigation, and who should perhaps be using the A37 and Cartgate Link roads on their way North or South coming from and going to the A303 and M5. This is in addition to the many tankers and lorries used by Pattemores for more local journeys, whether they are on their own or under contract their movements have certainly increased over the years.

Whilst some of the village is subject to a 20mph speed limit from The White Swan to Misterton Garage, the remainder is a 30mph zone but from the reports of our CSW team, many motorists do not observe these limits. There are approximately 400 vehicle movements per hour during the day with more at peak times, such as dropping off and collecting from Misterton Primary School and various functions at the WI hall.

The road through the village is narrow with several difficult bends, where every day, arctic lorries have to mount the pavement in order to get around corners. There is no pavement in several places. These areas may prove fatal to a pedestrian one day.

The road was recently resurfaced, but the pavements leave a lot to be desired. The whole traffic scene is aggravated by parking issues, with particular problems outside the Old Post Office/ Globe Inn and by the corner of Unity Lane where parked cars are constantly being hit by other vehicles. Although, the parked cars do actually slow up the speed of the traffic in these areas.

It is fair to say that the traffic in the village is one of our biggest problems and this is cited by the majority of respondents to the survey which was conducted. Most say they want additional traffic controls in the village along with improved and safer crossings for the school in particular, as well as more parking spaces.


The village is and has always been quite well served for public transport by bus in comparison to other local villages and this may be part of the problem. Our village is ‘on the way’ to the county towns of Dorchester and Taunton. Also on route from Yeovil to the coast at Bridport, with the cross roads just outside the village boundary. First Bus Company runs services to these towns, most of which are accessible from the village main street bus stops. As is Crewkerne our nearest shopping area following the closure of the Post Office Stores many years ago.

Misterton can also lay claim to the Crewkerne Railway Station which is within the village boundary. This provides a useful link to the rail network. Notwithstanding these facilities many still rely on the car as their preferred means of getting about due to cost or convenience. There is however a need for a good bus service as evidenced by the number of villagers who would like to see a bus shelter. Strangely the demand for the shelter was greater than that for improved bus services.

Update: there are now two bus shelters on the A356 by the Station and one by Cedrics pub where The Avenue links through to the A356.

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