The Parish Council

Your Parish Council is your duly elected body which represents local views in a 3 tier system of Local Government. We also have South Somerset District Council and Somerset County Council as your local government authorities.

The Parish Council’s authority is limited – we can only for instance, comment on planning applications; decisions are made at SSDC level. Many wonder why Parish Councils exist but the Council is very active in detailed matters which affect the quality of life here in Misterton – footpaths, cemetery maintenance, playground cleanliness and safety, grit bins, recreation grounds maintenance, just to name a few.

Our survey showed a high degree of contentment within our village for its facilities, ranging from two Churches to a railway station and a fine village hall and recreation grounds. The most important issue in people’s minds is traffic congestion, parking and related safety issues. They remain a priority in the Parish Council’s work, but these are the areas with the most limitation on our authority and influence.