Purpose of the Plan

Our village plan is intended to be an evolving document, a route planner highlighting the direction in which development of Misterton is determined over the next decade. It identifies local issues through the information provided by the community.

Everyone participated by having the opportunity to voice their opinion, and be involved in creating the Village Plan. It is about local people helping to decide the future of their village.

The results will produce evidence of need when applying for funding, and monitor the results of actions the community wish to see taken. All information and results will be published on the Parish Council Website, and in the Misterton Village Magazine which is distributed to every household.

The Village Plan identifies local issues because it is underpinned by consultation with the community whose collective views provide important information. This in turn is a valuable resource for Local Government who can access the website for local information. Strong collective demand could influence future policies and increase our chances when decisions on funding future projects and village planning and services are being considered. It provides grass roots information which can feed through to local resources for the benefit of our community.

It has to be consistent with the policies and proposals in the Local Development Framework and to this end consultation with SSDC has been undertaken during its formulation.

It takes into consideration social, economic and environmental issues of concern to the community and the long term vision for Misterton.

The Village Plan will hopefully provide a better Misterton where people are happy to live.

We have to look ahead; Misterton is a growing community which has consequences for services and facilities in the future.

Some changes can be achieved quickly, others will take longer and sometimes Action Groups will be required to make them happen. Some may not be feasible, but all will be considered in the process.

The Village Plan is the responsibility of the steering group. At present it is the Parish Council which has and will continue to play a proactive and leadership role. It is hoped that the community in general will continue to support the Plan and actively participate in its progress.

The Village Plan reflects the aspirations of the community to achieve improvement and a decent quality of life for everybody in Misterton during the next decade, and beyond.

The continued constant development of the plan will ensure it matches changing needs.