In 1954, Misterton only had twelve milk farms and one beef farm.

Churns were used to carry the milk from the farms to various destinations.

Over time the milk churns were eventually replaced and it was in the early seventies that small bulk tankers were used to pick up the local milk supply instead.

Today, in 2010 there sadly are no farmers with milking cows left, only one farm with a few sheep, two farms with beef cattle and corn, and one farm for just beef alone. There are a number of agricultural workers around the village though.

Over the years land has been amalgamated into bigger farms. On the understanding of a local farmer, hedges have not been rooted out in the area around Misterton, the land itself looks the same as it did 100 years ago, although in our present day hedges and fields are able to be managed better and easier with the resources and machinery that we have today.