Misterton Cemetery

The Cemetery is open every day from 8am until sunset.

Of the 1121 burial plots, approximately two-thirds are situated on the ground to the left-hand side of the path, which has been consecrated according to the rites of the Church of England. In accordance with the Local Authorities’ Cemeteries Order 1977, the land on the right-hand side of the path is non-consecrated ground: reserved for the graves of those of other denominations or faiths, or of any who may not wish to be buried in consecrated ground.

On the far side of the cemetery, beyond the chapel, are a number of small plots for the interment of ashes after a cremation.

A detailed plan of the cemetery, together with the Grave and Burial Registers, is held by the Parish Clerk and in the event of any difficulty in locating a particular plot, information may be sought by contacting the Clerk on 07917 753361 or mistertonpc@gmail.com.

Exclusive Right of Burial

In our cemetery, you can buy the rights to a particular plot, known as the exclusive right of burial. This lasts for 75 years (with an option for renewal after that time) and gives you the right to be buried in that grave and to say who can be buried, or have cremated remains buried or scattered there. You also have the right to place a memorial on the grave.

It is not compulsory to purchase a plot for burial, but the rights to an unpurchased grave remain the property of Misterton Parish Council who are entitled to use the plot for the burial of other people who want an unpurchased grave. You should not expect to be able to bury another relative in the same grave and you may not place any memorial on it.

Legally a number of people can jointly own the rights, but all owners must agree if a grave is to be opened for another burial, or a memorial placed or altered. All the owners have a right to be buried in the grave, and when one dies, the rights are shared by the remaining owners. The rights can be passed on at the death of the last surviving owner and are regarded as part of his or her estate. They may be left in their will, or assigned by their executors to someone else. Whoever inherits the rights will need to contact us to arrange a legal transfer of ownership before the grave can be opened again.

Grave spaces and burial plots for cremated remains are often purchased at the time of interment, but they can also be purchased in advance by application to the Parish Clerk. It is important to keep the grave deed safe as it is evidence of your ownership of the right. It is also important to note that you have bought a right to burial in the land, and not the land itself, which remains the property of Misterton Parish Council.


As the owner of the grave right, you may apply to Misterton Parish Council for permission to place a memorial on the grave or to add an inscription to an existing memorial. Once erected, you are responsible for the safety of the memorial and if it becomes loose, leans or otherwise appears unsafe, you should contact a memorial mason to have it made safe.

The Chapel

The Chapel, which seats up to 36, is consecrated according to the rites of the Church of England, but is available for the Funeral Services of any denomination. Occasional services are also held there during the year and the Chapel is open every weekend for remembrance.

Table of Fees
Burial Fees £
Single burial of stillborn child or child under 1 month   15.00
Single burial of child under 12 years   34.00
Single burial of adult 125.00
Burial of cremated remains   75.00
Scattering of ashes   22.00
Administration Fee**   27.00
Grant of Exclusive Rights
Single Plot (8x4x8ft) 140.00
Ashes   45.00
Administration Fee** 27.00
Erection of Memorials 
Headstones not exceeding 5ft in height  110.00
Memorial plaque (ashes)    45.00
Memorial vase    30.00
Subsequent additional inscriptions    25.00

The above scale of fees applies to interments and memorials where the deceased was, immediately before death, a resident of Misterton. In the case of a newborn child, they will apply should at least one of the parents be a resident at the time of interment.

If the deceased was a non-resident at the time of death, the charges outlined above will be doubled, except where plots with exclusive right of burial had been purchased in the name of the deceased.

Advance purchase of Exclusive Rights of burial: Those wishing to purchase exclusive rights will be charged the Misterton Residents’ fee structure above (ie single rather than double), provided that:

  • They can prove that they have lived in the Parish of Misterton and
  • Still have immediate family members residing in the Parish or laid to rest in Misterton Cemetery.

** The administration fee is a flat charge which applies to all burials (including internment of ashes), and the grant of exclusive right of burial certificate, whether or not the deceased was a resident of Misterton at the time of death.

There is a search fee of £27.

The Chapel may be used at an internment, or other use as agreed by the Parish Council eg renewal of marriage vows.  The charge for use of the Chapel is £25.

This scale of charges was reviewed at the October 2018 meeting of the Parish Council. Misterton Parish Council as the relevant burial authority has the right to charge such fees as it thinks proper for the items laid out above under the Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977, SI 1977/204, art 15(1) and Sch. 2, part II, para 6.


Friends of Misterton Cemetery Chapel was formed to preserve the Cemetery Chapel. Contact John Hanson, Secretary – 01460 72592 if you would like to become a member. Cleaning Roster – Volunteers always needed – Contact Helena Tuck – 01460 72592.