Misterton PC Minutes 21.09.2021

 Minutes of the meeting of Misterton Parish Council 

Tuesday, 21st Sept at 6.30pm, Misterton WI Hall


Cllr Iain Rowland (Chair)                 Cllr Abbie Rousell                             Cllr Graham White

Cllr Andrew Callow                          Cllr Paul Gillard                                 Cllr Viv Rowe

Cllr Leo Bacigalupo                          Cllr Brian McNeill

In attendance

Louise Stobbs (New Clerk from 1/10/21)


Public Open Forum

No members of public attended the meeting


21/067.                 Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received and accepted from Cllr Geoff Restorick (personal)

Cllr Best (SCC and SSDC) also sent apologies (personal).


21/068.                 Code of Conduct and Declarations of Interests


21/069.                 Minutes of the meeting of 20st July 2021

The minutes of the meetings held on 20th July were resolved as a true and accurate record.

Proposed: Cllr A Rousell                                               Seconded: Cllr I Rowland                              RESOLVED


21/070.                 Matters Arising from Minutes

None raised.


21/071.                 Reports

  1. Report from County Councillor & District Councillor


  1. Report from Chairman of the Parish Council & Recreation Field Trust

Cllr Rowland reported:

  • Welcomed Louise Stobbs to start as parish clerk on 1/10/21
  • Wished Katherine all the best for the future and how sad we to see her go


21/072.                 Planning including applications currently in circulation/determinations

None at time of agenda publication.

Update on the cemetery planning – Application of change of use has been submitted to be approved before consecration can take place of gifted land.


21/073.                 Highways & Footpaths

  1. To consider future works for the Parish Ranger

Members requested that the top of Mill Lane be strimmed.

Path when exiting gate 3 of the recreation ground, hedge is overgrown over top of fence, should be network rail responsibility to cut back

Actions:  Clerk to write to Network rail on behalf of Parish Councillors.

  1. To consider to empty gullies around the village

Cllr Callow suggested highways to empty gullies around the village before the winter rains come

Actions:  Clerk to write to Highways on behalf of Parish Councillors.

  1. To check grit bins before winter

Actions:  Councillors to check bins and report back at next meeting 19/10/21.

  1. To consider Stonecutters Lane, Gate at Packers Way, Mill Lane Bridge updates
  • Contractors due to start works very soon (County Council had agreed to excavate the drains and ditches and replace stiles with gates at no cost to the parish).
  • Gate at rear of packers way – to be checked by village footpaths marshall and report back to council.
  • Cllr White confirmed that the Mill Lane bridge contractors work has commenced.


21/074.                 Amenities

  1. To receive the cemetery inspection report

From cemetery inspections it has been alerted that a load test is required on each headstone, every 5 years, standard check policy to be obtained.  Plot enquiry for the extension, application for change of use has been submitted the consecration costs agreed at the previous meeting to take place when application approved.

Action: Clerk to obtain standard check policy for cemetery headstones.

  1. To receive an update on the gateposts project

Bids in place from contractors and no planning needed.  Traffic lights needed for works to go ahead.  Yew tree to receive a big haircut for access and visibility.  Project still in WIP but noted that the construction sector was extremely busy at present.

Action: Clerk to follow up on bids for gateposts project and report to council for approval.

  1. To consider correspondence regarding participation in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Beacons project 2022

Waiting on land owner (Coombe Farm) to fully agree use of land with conditions,

  • No metal to be left on land (such as nails or metal parts from pallets etc) Suggestion to create a drum to catch all metal item in ash.
  • How many public will be accessing the land
  • Cllr White & Callow agreed to meet with landowners to discuss beacon options
  • Cllr Rousell agreed to help arrange meeting

Action: Clerk to provide name and contact email of landowner representative dealing with request


21/075.                 MERT working group

Cllr Rowland suggested a fridge magnet to be issued to all residents with the emergency numbers and costs approx. £108 for 700 cards and about 500 needed. Majority of council did not agree with purchase of cards and suggestion to put in the village magazine as a cut out for residents to cut out and keep was agreed.


21/076.                 Finance and Procedure

  1. To agree invoices for payment

Due to cross over on clerk posts, no finances presented for approval.  Standard monthly direct debits processed and full finance report to be updated and reported at next meeting.

Action: Clerk to update finance reports.

  1. Village action group

Cllr Rowe reported the village action group raised £446 from village sale and donated £200 to the pre school.  Remaining balance to go to good village causes to enhance and improve the village.  Councillors thanked the village action group for the donation and will give thought to where the donation will be allocated.  Next village sale 27/11/21 at village hall & all tables are sold.

Action:  Clerk to make contact with village action group to give our thanks and discuss donation.


Proposed:  WIP                                                 Seconded: WIP                 IN WORKING PROGRESS


21/077.                 Items for the next meeting

  • Obnoxious smell: report obnoxious smell believed to be coming from Pattemores, to report to environmental health department at SSDC
  • Dog mess reported on the recreation ground and footpaths. Consideration towards the escalation of fox mess around the village, not to be confused with dog mess.
  • Any other items to be advised to the Clerk seven days in advance of the meeting.

21/078.                 Date and time of next meeting

Tuesday 19st October, 6.30pm – location to be confirmed nearer to the time.


Confidential matter discussed by councillors under closed council, no finalisation to report