Misterton PC Minutes 20.09.22

 Minutes of the meeting of Misterton Parish Council 

Tuesday, 20th September 2022 at 6.30pm, Misterton WI Hall


Cllr Paul Bradly (Chair)    Cllr Leo Bacigalupo          Cllr Andrew Callow          Cllr Viv Rowe

Cllr Graham White          Cllr Abbie Rousell

In attendance

Jane Thicknesse (Clerk), County Councillor Steve Ashton & five members of the public

One Minute Silence in memory of the late Queen Elizabeth II

Appointment of New Clerk

Proposed: Cllr A Rousell                              Seconded: Cllr A Callow                RESOLVED         

Public Open Forum.

  • Two members of the public spoke about the closure of the WI Hall.
  • One member of the public asked about the lifestyle questionnaire and GDPR.

22/223.               Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received and accepted from Cllr Paul Gillard (Personal) and Councillor (County) Mike Best.

 22/224.                Code of Conduct and Declarations of Interests


22/225.                Minutes of the meeting of 19th July 2022

The minutes of the meetings held on 19th July were resolved as a true and accurate record of the meeting.

Proposed: Cllr G White                                Seconded: Cllr L Bacigalupo                                      RESOLVED

22/226.                Matters Arising from Minutes

  • Confirmation that Misterton School would be re-opening as a special communication needs school in September 2023. Up to 15 pupils (10 at a time). Hall will be available for public use in the evenings.
  • Co-opted members for the PC are still sought. It was suggested that residents could be co-opted onto working groups (but not have to be full members of the PC.)

Proposed: Cllr P Bradly                        Seconded: Cllr G White                 RESOLVED

  • Gate for footpath at Turnpike Green – see minute 22/231 below

22/227.                Reports

a. Report from County Councillors

Cllr Ashton reported that:

  • Somerset County Council are planning on establishing Local Community Networks (LCN). Proposal is out for consultation and a conference is planned for 4 October.
  • Somerset County Council have recently appointed a new Chief Executive, Duncan Sharkey.
  • Taunton Park and Ride have re-started charges (£1 each way) after their suspension during the roadworks along the Tone Way.
  • Mr Mohammed Saddiq has recently been appointed as HM Lord Lieutenant of Somerset.
  • Somerset County Council have purchased several electric mini buses which are available for hire.

b. Report from Chairman of the Parish Council & Recreation Field Trust

  • The Chairman thanked Cllr White and Cllr Callow for fixing the electrical problem on the MUGA.
  • There has been a marked increase in dog fouling throughout the village and on the Recreation Ground.
  • After a season of exceptional growth there are a lot of overhanging trees and bushes which are causing inconvenience. Residents are requested to check their own boundaries and cut back where required.

c. Working Group Reports

Cemetery Working Group

  • Books of Condolence for HM Queen Elizabeth II had been placed in St Leonards and the Cemetery Chapel. Total number of signatories was 33.
  • Approximately 100 people had attended the Moment of Reflection for HM The Queen on Turnpike Green at 7.55pm on Sunday 18th
  • Proposal for Cemetery Business Plan to be adopted

Proposed Cllr G White                  Seconded: Cllr A Rousell              RESOLVED

  • Proposal for Cemetery Business Plan Recommendations to be adopted:


  1. It is recommended that MPC should investigate the drainage/water basis of planning refusal asap without causing great expenditure.  The solution needs to be simple and cheap.
  2. If approved the extension should not be used until needed, avoiding grass cutting and allowing continued sheep grazing.
  3. The charges should be assessed and amended in keeping with increased costs.
  4. Headstone maximum height should be limited to 4 ft to restrict risks of danger from higher headstones toppling.
  5. The next grass cutting contract must be transparent. All cuts need to be recorded.

Proposed: Cllr A Rousell               Seconded Cllr A Callow                 RESOLVED

Road Working Group

  • Cllr P Gilliard to take the lead for SID project
  • Concern about the potential increase in traffic volume as a result of three major developments. SSDC requested to arrange for a Traffic Survey to create a baseline.

Action:  Cllr S Ashton

  • Request for an Air Quality Survey. Clerk to investigate.

Action: Clerk

  • Public Consultation for Station Road Development ends on 23 September 2022. Clerk to respond with following wording:

Misterton Parish Council has considerable concerns about this development, particularly the additional traffic which will potentially greatly affect the village of Misterton.  If the development is permitted to go ahead, the proposed ring road along the eastern edge of the Wool Gardens development (linking Station Road with the A30), must be built to help alleviate this problem.

                                                                                                         Action: Clerk

22/228.                Planning including applications currently in circulation/determinations

a. Applications handled since last meeting

  • 22/02218/S73A at Catra House 8 Broughtons Drive Misterton – supported

b. Determinations notified by SSDC since last meeting


c. New applications to be considered


d. Tree Applications


e. Other Planning Matters

  • Station Road Development – see above

22/229.                Cost of Living Crisis – Warm Hubs

SCC have circulated a questionnaire asking what provision parishes are making to provide warm spaces for people this winter. Councillors in full agreement that help should be provided but it is dependent on volunteers and suitable available spaces.

Action: Clerk and Chairman

22/230.                Amenities

a. WI Hall

  • Re-location of PC post box from WI Hall. Cllr Bradly offered for the post-box to be placed on a gate post at the front of his house.

Proposed: Cllr V Rowe                                Seconded: G White         RESOLVED

                                                                           Action: Cllr G White and Cllr A Callow

  • A discussion about the forthcoming sale of the WI Hall took place after which it was agreed to re-submit the WI Hall as a Community Asset under the Localism Act 2011.

Proposed: Cllr A Rousell                              Seconded: G White         RESOLVED

                                                                                                         Action: Chairman

b. Village Questionnaire

The Chairman reported that there had been a good return rate (10%). More details and way forward in due course.

c. Noticeboards

There is a requirement for three new noticeboards: Recreation Ground (to display byelaws), cemetery (replacement) and Packers Way (replacement). A budget of £500 was agreed to purchase a suitable one for the Recreation Ground.

Proposed: Cllr A Callow                               Seconded: Cllr V Rowe                  RESOLVED

                                                                                                                        Action: Clerk

It was agreed that the board (jointly owned by the Parish Council and WI) which is currently located outside the WI Hall is to be re-located on the grass on the corner of Silver Street and the A356.

                                                                                                        Action: Cllr G White and Cllr A Callow

d. Bus Shelters

It was agreed to accept the G A Hellliar Cleaning Company quote of £30 + VAT (per shelter) for cleaning the bus stops every six months.

Proposed: Cllr L Bacigalupo                        Seconded: Cllr A Rousell               RESOLVED

                                                                                                                        Action: Clerk

22/231.                Highways and Footpaths

The gate at the end of footpath at Turnpike Green (CH20/4 by the A3066) is damaged and needs replacing.

                                                                                                                        Action: Clerk

22/232.                Finance

a. To agree invoices              

Voucher Description Supplier   Net VAT Gross
48 Payroll Cox and Co   17.50 3.50 21.00
42 Mobile (Aug) Tesco Mobile   17.99   17.99
53 Mobile (Sep) Tesco Mobile   17.99   17.99
56 Cemetery Chapel Adams Locks   135.00   135.00
58 Stationery Clerk   10.98   10.98
60 Cemetery Elec. E.On Next   42.51 2.13 44.64
46 Clerk’s Salary Clerk   65.04   65.04
47 Clerk’s Expenses Postage   3.40   3.40
51 Clerk’s Expenses Postage   4.75   4.75
49 Grass Cutting (Aug) KM Dike   221.00 44.20 265.20
50 Laptop Security Norton   79.16 15.83 94.99
57 Grass Cutting KM Dike   221.00 44.20 265.20
38 Room Hire WI Hall   63.40   63.40
59 Mobile (Oct) Tesco Mobile   17.99   17.99
          Total £1027.57

Proposed: Cllr A Rousell                              Seconded: Cllr V Rowe                  RESOLVED

b. Grass Cutting

This is a major expense with prices likely to rise. It was suggested that the situation is carefully monitored (all cuts recorded) and alternative contractors be considered.

c. Grants

In 2018 a £500 grant was established by the Parish Council which could be applied for by any resident for a particular project.  It was suggested that the £500 grant was given to the Village Hall to help with their program of work to bring the hall back to a good standard of repair.

Proposed: Cllr A Rousell                              Seconded: Cllr V Rowe                  RESOLVED

Action: Clerk and Chairman

d. MERT Banking

Currently Misterton Parish Council act as a bank for MERT. It was suggested that they should be responsible for their own banking and money transferred to them.

Proposed: Cllr A Callow                               Seconded: Cllr L Bacigalupo        RESOLVED

Action: Clerk and Chairman

e. Printer

The Clerk requested a replacement printer. A £100 budget to purchase was agreed.

Proposed: Cllr P Bradly                                Seconded: Cllr G White                 RESOLVED

Action: Clerk

22/233.                Items for the next meeting

Any other items to be advised to the Clerk at least seven days ahead of the meeting.

22/234.                Date and time of next meeting

Tuesday 18th October, 6.30pm – Location tbc.