Misterton PC Minutes 19.04.2022

 Minutes of the meeting of Misterton Parish Council 

Tuesday, 19th April 2022 at 6.30pm, Misterton WI Hall


Cllr Iain Rowland (Chair)                 Cllr Leo Bacigalupo          Cllr Abbie Rousell

Cllr Brian McNeill                             Cllr Paul Gillard                  Cllr Viv Rowe

Cllr Graham White

In attendance

Louise Stobbs (Clerk) & One member of the Public


Public Open Forum                                                                                                                                                                 


21/151.                 Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received and accepted from Cllr Andrew Callow (Personal)


21/152.                 Code of Conduct and Declarations of Interests



21/153.                 Minutes of the meeting of 15th March

The minutes of the meetings held on 15th March were resolved as a true and accurate record.

Proposed: Cllr I Rowland                              Seconded: Cllr A Rousell                               RESOLVED


21/154.                 Matters Arising from Minutes

None raised.


21/155.                 Reports

  1. Report from County Councillor & District Councillor

Cllr Best not present apologies received.


  1. Report from Chairman of the Parish Council & Recreation Field Trust

Cllr I Rowland said there was nothing to report for the Parish Council. But on a personal note he has been chairman for the last 7 years and has learnt a lot. On the whole he has had a good time and a lot of understanding. He is leaving behind a good team, but is still happy to help out.


21/156. Planning including applications currently in circulation/determinations

  1. Planning:

22/00619/HOU – Sherwood, North Perrott – Erection of permanent ancillary accommodation to replace existing static home – No Objections

Notification of Appeal 19/00027/USE SITE AT: Land OS 0125, Seaborough Road, Crewkerne, Somerset – Clerk to report back that the Parish Council still stand by the original objection.

  1. Determinations: None at the time of the agenda.


21/157.                 Highways & Footpaths

  1. To consider future works for the Parish Ranger
  • Normal standard work.

Action: Clerk to speak to ranger to obtain a schedule of works in order to make relevant amendments if any are needed.

  1. To receive an update on speed indicator device.

Cllr Rowland reported that there was the potential to go halves with East Chinnock to purchase a SID due to the amount of use.

Action: Cllr Rowland to look into locations and length of time SID can be in place before a decision is reached.


21/158.                 Amenities

  1. To receive the cemetery inspection report

Clerk advised that there was a low snapped branch over a bench that needed attention and also the entrance to the extension needed cutting back.

  1. To receive an update on the 5 year headstone check.

Clerk advised that the headstone check had been complete and 2 headstones require attention. A quote for the work to be carried out was received.

Action: Clerk to try and make contact with the families to advise repairs need to happen.

                To receive an update on Cemetery Extension

An extension on the application process was approved and a final decision should be reached early May

  1. To receive an update on the gateposts project

Project in hand awaiting quotes


21/159.                 Finance and Procedure

  1. To agree invoices for payment


Voucher Date Description Supplier Net VAT Total
1 19/04/2022 Cemetery Grass Cut K M Dike Nurseries 221.00 44.20 265.20
2 19/04/2022 Payroll Cox & Co 17.50 3.50 21.00
6 19/04/2022 Grounds Maintenance SSDC 172.26 34.45 206.71
7 19/04/2022 Parish Ranger SSDC 77.70 15.54 93.24
10 19/04/2022 Laptop Allen Computer Services LTD 571.67 114.33 686.00
3 19/04/2022 Clerks salary Clerk 635.78 635.78
11 19/04/2022 Owsley (solicitor) Porter Dodson 390.00 75.00 465.00
4 19/04/2022 Training SALC 30.00 30.00
5 19/04/2022 Training SALC 20.00 20.00
8 19/04/2022 GDPR ICO 40.00 40.00
9 19/04/2022 Hall Hire Misterton WI Hall 25.60 25.60
Total 2,201.51 287.02 2,488.53


  1. To receive an update on moving banks

Clerk advised the application forms had been signed and would submit to the bank for account opening along with required supporting documents.


21/160. Closed Session

  • Earmarked reserves discussed and agreed

Proposed Cllr I Rowland               Seconded Cllr L Bacigalupo          Resolved

  • To review response to insurance policy questionnaire

Clerk to query who does the valuation of the assets.


21/161.                 Items for the next meeting

Any other items to be advised to the Clerk at least seven days ahead of the meeting.


21/162.                 Date and time of next meeting

Tuesday 17th May, 6.30pm – Misterton WI Hall.