Misterton Parish Council consists of 9 Parish Councillors. There are currently no vacancies.

Under the Localism Act 2011, Councillors are required to disclose pecuniary interests (DPIs). These can be viewed by clicking on each Councillor’s name.

If anybody would like to contact an individual Councillor, please contact the Clerk (Telephone: 07917 753361 or email:

Paul Bradly Chairman, Finance Working Group, Roads Working Group, Cemetery Working Group, Recreation Ground Working Group
Peter Marshall MERT Representative, Recreation Ground Working Group
Philip Clifton MERT Representative, Roads Working Group
Andrew Callow Cemetery Working Group
Abigail Rousell Finance Working Group
Vivienne Rowe Vice Chairman, Cemetery Working Group
Graham White Recreation Ground Working Group
Paul Gillard Roads Working Group
Leo Bacigalupo Finance Working Group


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