Misterton PC Agenda 06.05.2021

Councillors are summoned to the
Annual Parish Meeting and Annual Meeting of the Parish Council
To be held on Thursday, 6th May, 18.30, to be followed directly by the May monthly meeting of the Parish Council.
All meetings will be held remotely, via Zoom (joining details below)
Signed, K Sheehan, Clerk and RFO

Important notes for members of the public
• In accordance with latest NALC advice, joining details for the meeting are published as follows:
• Meeting ID: 926 2711 2123 Passcode: 050851
• If members of the public wish to raise an issue/ask a question, it would be helpful to have advance notice, otherwise questions may be referred to the Clerk to research and answer at a later date;
• The meeting may be recorded for the purposes of assisting with writing minutes. Recordings will be deleted once minutes have been written.

AGENDA – Annual Parish Meeting

1. Welcome and Introduction – Chairman
2. Chairman’s Annual Report (including Annual Report of the Rec Field Trust) – Cllr Iain Rowland
3. Approval of the minutes of the 2019 Annual Parish Meeting (not held in 2020)
4. Annual Reports from Parish Groups including:
• Friends of Misterton Cemetery Chapel
• Owsley and Norris Trust
5. Public Open Forum (15 mins)

AGENDA – Annual Meeting of Council

1. Nominations for and election of Chairman 2021/22
2. Signing of declaration of acceptance of office by Chairman
3. Nominations for and election of Vice Chairman 2021/22
4. Signing of declaration of acceptance of office by Vice Chairman
5. To consider membership of working groups for 21/22
7. To reaffirm Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and Code of Conduct
8. To confirm that Misterton Parish Council continues to meet the criteria for the General Power of Competence (GPC) and to resolves to continue to exercise the GPC
9. To review and confirm Bank mandate

AGENDA – MAY meeting of the Parish Council

Public Open Session 10 minute session to give residents the opportunity to indicate interests in the agenda items/put questions to Council that may be answered at a later date/become a future agenda item.

1. Apologies for Absence

2. Code of Conduct and Declarations of Interest

3. Minutes of the last meetings

To review and resolve the minutes of the meeting held on 16th March 2021 are a true and accurate record

4. Matters arising from minutes

5. Reports
a. Report from County Councillor & District Councillor
b. Report from Chairman of the Parish Council & Misterton Recreation Field Trust

Please see SSDC planning portal for full documentation relating to applications. Please note that the Parish Council is a Statutory Consultee for planning applications and does not make decisions on any application. Recommendations and comments from this Council will be fed to South Somerset District Council which is the Planning Authority and issues decisions on all applications

6. Planning including applications currently in circulation/determinations
a. To consider all planning matters in circulation, including:
• 21/00857/HOU Catra, 8 Broughtons Drive – Replace and extend existing first floor extension; remove and replace existing rear conservatory; convert existing garage and build new double garage

7. Highways & Footpaths
a. To consider future works for the Parish Ranger
b. To consider an application received for the position of Parish Paths Liaison Officer (PPLO)

8. Amenities
a. To receive the Cemetery inspection report
b. To consider quotation received for replacing bed edging/proposal to remove bed and return to grass
c. To receive an update on the gateposts project

9. Finance & Procedure
a. To consider the report of the Internal Auditor for 20/21
b. To approve the Annual Governance Statements 20/21
c. To approve the Accounts and End of Year Bank Reconciliation 20/21
d. To approve the Accounting Statements 20/21
e. To agree invoices for payment (to include insurance renewal)
f. To note payments received/bank reconciliation/statement of reserves held
g. To resolve to move the reserve held for the Neighbourhood Plan back to the General Reserve
h. To approve a grant to Misterton Recreation Ground Trust for the 2021/22 financial year
i. To adopt a scheme of delegation and agree informal meeting dates to be held remotely during the summer months

10. Items for the next meeting – to be submitted to the Clerk at least seven days ahead of the meeting
Katharine Sheehan
Clerk to Misterton Parish Council
07841 116986 or mistertonpc@gmail.com